To create an organization that through a collaboration between the five Nordic colleges of general practitioners ensures that Nordic general practice/family medicine has high international professional standards based on the accomplishment of common Nordic tasks and through exchange of experience and knowledge, which will support the individual colleges of general practitioners' national work.

Organizationally this is possible through a collaboration between the Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care (SJPHC) and the Nordic congresses on general practice within the framework of the jointly owned Nordic Federation of General Practice ApS.

The collaboration shall specifically:

  • Ensure that the congresses and SJPHC have high mutual Nordic professional standards and profile, in accordance with the policy of the Nordic Colleges.
  • Establish a professionally profitable/fruitful collaboration between SJPHC and the Nordic congresses and Colleges.
  • Send out, together with the journal, the first invitation to the congress announced in SJPHC. NKAM will have free advertising in the journal.
  • Build up a logistic experience of Nordic congresses, which can be passed on.
  • Strengthen the colleges' joint responsibility for the running of SJPHC and the organization of and participation in the Nordic congresses.
  • Economic advantages for both SJPHC and the Nordic congresses.
  • Common guidelines regarding sponsorship of the congresses.
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Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland:

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