Chairman Gisle Roksund Chairman
Udpeget af: Norway
Norway E-mail
Director Lotte Hvas Director
Udpeget af: -
Member Johann Sigurdsson Member
Udpeget af: Norway
Norway E-mail
Member Thorarinn Ingolfsson Member
Udpeget af: Iceland
Iceland E-mail
Member Hanna Åsberg Member
Udpeget af: Sweden
Sweden E-mail
Member Anders Beich Member
Udpeget af: Denmark
Denmark E-mail
Member Petter Brelin Member
Udpeget af: Norway
Norway E-mail
Medlem Seija Eskelinen Medlem
Udpeget af: Finland
Finland E-mail

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The executive board is represented by the five nordic presidents of the nordic colleges and a by the chairman. The chairman is elected by the board from among the members of the five colleges. The director of NFGP is represented as board observer.

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Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland:

Secretariat: DSAM, Stockholmsgade 55, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø - nfgp@dsam.dk
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