NYGP - Nordic Young General Practitioners


2005: NFGP
In 2005, NFGP – the Nordic Federation of General Practice – was established to improve both the planning and operation of the Nordic Congresses and the Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care. Back then, the very first president Anna Stavdal stated: "It is our hope that the Federation will prove to be profitable and useful for the academic as well as the clinical field in Nordic general practice".

2015: Gothenburg
The initial idea for NYGP was moulded during the latest Nordic Congress in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2015. A dedicated group of researchers and (very soon-to-be) GPs from the Nordic countries, whom had met through VdGM (the Vasco da Gama Movement), intended to establish a Nordic network. This should welcome both medical students with a strong penchant for general medicine and newly qualified specialist in general medicine with less than 5 years of service as a specialist.

2016: NFGP Support
In spring 2016, NYGP applied the NFGP for financial support to plan and also to realise an inaugural seminar in autumn 2016.The aim was to discuss and to define the Network's visions and objectives.

2016: NYGP Seminar
The NFGP granted said funds, and a total group of 13 (very-soon-to-be) researchers and general practitioners – and the NYGP manager – met 14-16 October in two cottages near Reykjavik.

Participants counted two representatives from all the Nordic countries of: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Denmark – incl. two additional representatives from the Faroe Islands.
Ulrik Bak Kirk was hired as network manager to facilitate the founding and development of the NYGP Network.

2017: Reykjavik
In June 2017, Anna Stavdal's words will be repeated during the first NYGP Pre-Congress to be held in collaboration with the main Nordic Congress of General Practice in Reykjavik.

Since 2017, NYGP has organised a pre-congress for young doctors before the NCGP congress. We met 2019 in Aalborg, 2022 in Stavanger and look forward to Turku 10-11.6 2024 https://ncgp2024.fi/pre-congress-nygp2024


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NYGP board reunion at the NCGP congress
in Stavanger 
NYGP takes part of the Nordic Leadership Seminar,
here we are in Helsinki 
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