NYGP – Nordic Young General Practitioners


§ l. Members

# 1 
Nordic Young General Practitioners (NYGP) is a network open for medical students with an interest in general practice, vocational trainees with an interest in general practice, GP- trainees, young GPs (first five years after specialisation) and researchers in primary health care from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

§ 2. Aim

To create a network that brings the NYGP members (§ l, #1) together.

To stimulate continuous professional development in Nordic general practice.

To create a network platform for inspiring each other and to exchange ideas, knowledge and experiences.

To become a scientific and social melting pot of ideas, attitudes, knowledge, skills, and experiences in the Nordic countries.

# 3
To organize Nordic Pre-Congress before the Nordic Congress of General Practice (NCGP)

To facilitate clinical educational experiences in the shape of practice visits in relation to the NCGP.


§ 3. Executive board

# 1
The executive board of NYGP consists of two members from each Nordic country. Each country elects their own members – preferably from the boards of the young GP networks.

§ 4. Chairmanship

# 1
Normally, the nation responsible for the next Nordic Congress has the 2-year chairmanship of NYGP, these are the two members of the executive board.
They will be responsible until the next Congress and be representing NYGP in the connection to The Nordic Federation of General Practice (NFGP).

 # 2
The Chairmanship is responsible for the annual report on activities and funding. 

# 3
The chairmanship will represent NYGP in the council of NFGP and its activities.

§ 5. Hosting

NYGP will be entirely responsible in terms of planning the Pre-Congresses. However, the National Host Committee of the Nordic Congress will support when possible with e.g. setup of a common registration system for both pre- and main congress, linking to website and/or subpage at Nordic Congress website and PR of the pre-congress in newsletters.

§ 6. Financing

# 1
The membership of NYGP is free of cost, but there will be a participation fee for the Pre-congress.

# 2
NYGP seeks annually funding for the work in the NFGP.

# 3
The Executive board of NYGP applies for funding from their national colleges or national funds, for participation in the Pre-Congresses.

§ 7. General Assembly

# 1
The Annual General Meeting of the NYGP shall be held in relation to The Annual General Meeting of the NFGP in Copenhagen.

# 2
The invitation for the General Meeting shall be sent out by the chairmanship with at least 3 months’ notice by personal email, stating the agenda for the meeting. The agenda shall also be uploaded on the web page of the NYGP executive board.  

# 3
Each country is responsible for updating the member list with contact information on the board members.

# 4
Only board members are allowed to vote at the General Assembly.

§ 8. General Assembly Agenda

At the General Assembly, at least the following must be included:

1. Selection of a meeting leader

2. Selection of a minute writer

3. Presentation of (possible) new board members

4. Chairmanship’s report on the activities and fundings in the past year

5. Budget for the following year

7. Topics for upcoming Pre-Congresses

8. Other


§ 9. Voting and decisions

# 1
Each member of the executive board has the right to vote.

# 2
The right to vote may be exercised by written proxy, which can only be announced for a single general meeting.

# 3
The matters dealt with at the general meeting are settled by simple majority.

# 4
In case of disagreement a decision may be postponed for resolution at a new General Assembly.


§ 10. Host-committee for the Pre-Congress

# 1
The Chairmanship of the NYGP is main responsible for organizing and hosting the pre-congress, by establishing the national HOC-team  

# 2
The Chairmanship must coordinate delegation of tasks with the national HOC-team and is expected to participate in the planning.

NYGP current terms and conditions 2020


For the year 2020 NFGP will contribute with the sum of DKK 60.000, - to support NYGP activities.

The NFGP chairmanship is responsible for obtaining permission from the director and chairman of NFGP for the funding of NYGP costs prior to use.

For future funding of NYGP, the chairmanship shall forward a formal application to the NFGP board for the following year latest by 31st December each year.



The pre-congress takes place prior to the Nordic Congresses every second year. The first pre-congress took place in Reykjavik in 2017, and the second one in Aalborg in 2019.

Responsibilities of the national NYGP representatives (also the current NYGP chairmanship): 

  • The national NYGP representatives are the main responsible for both organizing and hosting the pre-congress in their country. When possible, tasks can be delegated to fellow young doctors in the local area.
  • The national NYGP representatives are responsible for ensuring that the content and setup of the pre-congress is in compliance with the purpose of NYGP’s mission and vision. 
  • The duration of a pre-congress should be 1-2 days program + possible exchange visits 
  • The number of participants should be from 80-150 persons (the exact number will depend on available and affordable local venues). 
  • The costs of the pre-congress and possible social events should balance with the expected income of registration fees and possible donations from local/national organizations. 
  • The NYGP chairmanship has the responsibility to seek formal acceptance from the national college to cover any deficit, which might occur (e.g. due to low participation or unexpected costs). 
  • The membership of NYGP is free of cost, but there will be a participation fee for the Pre-congress and the Spring seminars. The fee must be at a maximum of 100 Euros and include daytime courses, meals and drinks.

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