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NYGP – et nyt netværke for yngre almenmedicinere i Norden (in Danish)

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Becoming a GP in the Nordic countries

General practice is the bedrock of the Nordic countries. Even so, systems differ. The GP can either be a lone practitioner (common in Denmark) or work in big multiprofessional units (like in Finland). A strong tradition of personal continuity is typical for Norway. Also, the specialist training differs quite much, in Iceland, a strong network helps along the way, in Sweden, assessment along the specialisation path helps along. In this episode (recorded 08/21-06/22) young GPs from the nordic countries discuss how we become GPs in the nordic countries. Participants: Annika Kolster FIN, Berglind Gunnarsdóttir ISL, Katrina Tibbals NOR, Linn Ekström-Feyzi SWE, Anne Mette Torp DK. 

GP training in the Nordic countries
What would be the ultimate path to becoming a general practitioner? GPs Katrina Tibbals (NOR) and Annika Kolster (FIN) discuss specialist training in the Nordic countries. How is it organized, how should it be organized? For more information, please check out our statement.
This episode was recorded 08/21


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