NYGP Vision

To create a network that brings Nordic young GPs and medical students interested in general practice together.

NYGP Mission

To create platforms where we can mutually inspire each other and exchanges ideas, knowledge and experiences.

NYGP Seminar Take-Home-Messages

From 14-16 October 2016, 13 (very-soon-to-be) GPs from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands met near Reykjavik to found the Nordic Young General Practitioners (NYGP) network, based on data in the NYGP survey:

• It was agreed on that the primary purpose of the Nordic Young General Practitioners (NYGP) network was to bring Nordic young GPs (both trainees and newly established GPs) and medical students interested in general practice together.

• The very first step will be to organise Nordic Pre-Congress of General Practice (NPCGP), and it is the ambition to facilitate clinical educational experiences in the shape of practice visits in relation to said NPCGP.

• Also, it is the aim to arrange biannually Nordic Seminars of Primary Health Care (NSPHC) to stimulate to continuous professional development in Nordic general practice.

• The NYGP network aims towards becoming the scientific and social melting pot of ideas, attitudes, knowledge, skills, and experiences in the Nordic countries. The shared values are: Participation, cohesion, and commitment – like an extended family.

• Ultimately, it is the aim to create a friendly environment that seeks to keep every member clinically competent and at the same time building confidence through mentoring, nurturing, and facilitation.

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Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland:

Secretariat: DSAM, Stockholmsgade 55, DK-2100 Copenhagen - nfgp@dsam.dk
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