The Nordic Leader Seminar of General Practice is held every second year. The participants at the seminar are the chairmen, directors and relevant board members of the Nordic colleges and unions of general practice. 

Denmark 2018
Please find link below to all relevant documents from our Nordic Leader Seminar in Elsinore, Denmark in August 2018.
The next Nordic Leader Seminar will be held in Norway in 2020 - more information to follow.

Materials from the meeting

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Finland 2016

Please find link below to all relevant documents from our NFGP Seminar in Helsinki, Finland in August 2016.
The next NFGP seminar will be held in Elsinore, Denmark from 23-25 August 2018.

Materials from the meeting

NFGP Seminar 2016 - 269,5 KB

Iceland 2014

At the meeting at Saröhus 2012 it was decided to write a policy document about prevention.
A draft was presented at the NFGP meeting in Copenhagen April 2013 and was finally approved by all five Nordic countries at a separate meeting in Tampere, Finland August 2013. The paper will be signed at the next seminar of Family Medicine in Iceland 2014. 

Policy document: "The role of General Practitioners in preventing disease and promoting health in the Nordic countries"

Materials from the meeting

Sweden 2012
At the meeting at Saröhus the leaders of the Nordic Colleges and Unions of General Practice have agreed on to commit themselves to present a resolution for their boards for adoption and to work for to ensure clarity about and limit the influence of the industry on pharmaceutical and other treatments in the health system of Nordic countries.

Charter: "Physicians and the Pharmaceutical and Medical technology Industri"

Materials from the meeting

Norway 2010
At the meeting in Svalbard, August 2010, the participants agreed on the content of a risk charter and commited themselves to present this resolution for their national boards for adoption and to work for the implementation of the charter in their own countries.

Information charter 2010 concerning General Practice in the Nordic Countries



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