Meeting management of Nordic Leader Seminar (NLS):

Hosting and organization

The Nordic leader seminar occurs every two years opposite the Nordic Congresses in General Practice (NCGP). Together the College and union of the country hosting the upcoming congress organise and host the leader seminar. The host country works in close co-operation with the Nordic Federation of General Practice (NFGP), its chairman and the NFGP secretary regarding further arrangements, the content, form, and agenda for the seminar.

The agenda

The agenda for the upcoming leader seminar is determined in consultation with the NFGP board as well as participants from the Nordic GP unions at the pre-meeting the year before (which will be held during the Nordic Congress). The preliminary agenda will be distributed shortly after the pre-meeting, Revisions or changes to the original suggestions should be announced at least three months before the meeting.


The representatives at the NLS are the chairs of each national college, unions, NFGP, NYGP and others. By tradition the last years, each country has sent six representatives to the meetings each time. As representatives from NYGP are now included in these meetings, it is up to each country to decide if national NYGP is one of seven or one of six. Each country shall ensure realistic distribution of representatives from their national colleges, unions and NYGP. NFGP is presented by its management (the chair, the director, and the secretary). Suggested changes of number of participants exceeding the above-mentioned number, shall be announced and discussed with the host and NFGP (invited guests, observers etc.). Changes from these general guidelines must be discussed at the NLS meetings.

The host country is responsible for providing the necessary secretarial assistance for both the pre-meeting and the seminar itself, notes from the meeting, as well as the financial expenses associated. The host country is also responsible for notification of both the pre-meeting and seminar as well as all practicalities associated with reservations, organisation, and execution.


The host country defrays expenses associated with the meeting, catering, and social events. The participating countries are responsible for expenses associated with hotel accommodation, travel, and potential lost earnings.

Hotel accommodation and travel expenses for the NFGP management (the chair, the director, and the secretary) are covered by NFGP. NFGP does not cover lost earnings.

One NYGP member per country is invited to participate at the leader seminar. The national college covers expenses associated with hotel accommodation and travel expenses.


Revised, January 2022

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