Committee on sustainable and value-based health care

The committee on sustainable and value-based health care is a committee of Nordic Federation of General Practice (NFGP). Its background is further described in the Proposal for this group in Helsinki 2023  

Members of the committee are appointed by the national colleges, at least one from each college. Members of the Committee suggests chair of the group to the NFGP. The time frame for appointment should usually be for two years and scheduled within the frame of the time schedule of the chair of NFGP.

The national members are unsalaried and work on voluntary basis. Each College is financially responsible for possible expenses of their members. However, if the NFGP Board wants one or more of the national members to join certain meetings such as the annual general NFGP meeting, travel and meeting expenses for that persons are paid by NFGP. Possible secretarial assistance provided by NFGP has to be considered in cooperation with the director and chair of NFGP.


  • To promote and advocate for General Practice/Family Medicine on behalf of NFGP through its core values and principles and UN­SDGs. This shall be done within the frame of NFGPs Vision and Mission.
  • Stimulate for network building within the Nordic countries on the subject.
  • To collect and spread information on ongoing and planned initiatives and activities related to sustainable value-based health care in our Nordic countries.
  • Function as a task force inspiring our five national colleges to work for sustainable and value based health care.
  • Work on and/or prepare “statements” from our upcoming NCGPs on Sustainable health care, supported by GP/FM values.
  • Prepare seminars/workshops/plenary lecturers, oral presentations and research projects to be held at our upcoming congresses and other meetings with focus on the subject.
  • Consider editorials or other types of papers on the topic, to be published in SJCPH and elsewhere (national journals etc).
  • Encourage our academic colleagues to teach or advocate for our Core Values as an important gateway to sustainable healthcare and according to UN-SDGs.
  • The committee will provide annual reports of its activities to NFGP.






18. March 2024



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