The first Nordic congress was held in Copenhagen in 1979. The purpose was to strengthen the network and identity among Nordic general practitioners and to facilitate research, teaching and quality development within the Nordic congresses.
In the beginning the congress language was "Scandinavian" but has since 2007 been English.

The responsibility and the economy for the Nordic congress of general practice lie with the organizing country alone, but the arrangement with regard to timing, venue and content is most often in cooperation between the Nordic colleges.
The Nordic colleges of general practitioners takes it turns to be in charge of organizing the congresses and for the financial side.

Johann A. Sigurdsson, Iceland, Anna Stavdal, Norway and Linn Getz, Norway/Iceland wrote in the editorial in SJPHC, 2006; 24:196-198:

We hope that the Nordic Congresses of General Practice, in cooperation with the journal, can thereby
contribute to maintaining precious medical systems like the Nordic ones sustainable and admirable.

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