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The next congress will be held 17-20 June 2019 in Aalborg, Denmark - read more about the congress - click here


The 21st Nordic Congress of General Practice builds on a rich tradition of pioneering research in general medicine. This event will have a special focus on core values, current challenges and changing practice. The congress brings together clinicians, researchers and administrators, young and experienced, with a shared interest in primary care.

The venue in Aalborg holds unique opportunities for exchanging ideas, discussing research and promoting general practice perspectives. The Cimbrian bull, the trademark of Aalborg, stands for strength and stamina; these characteristics provide a solid foundation in a time of shifting sands and changing landscapes.

Join us in Aalborg on 17-20 June 2019!

In 2021 the Nordic Congress will take place in Norway, more precisely on 16-18 June 2021 in Stavanger.





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