Vision of the Nordic Congresses of General Practice
To become one of the world’s most renowned arenas for stimulating the development of high-quality and innovative primary healthcare, with particular reference to the professional environment in the Nordic welfare systems.


  • To create a renowned, inspiring and identity-shaping professional arena for general practitioners and other professionals who are involved in primary healthcare. 
  • To attract a wide range of participants: Practicing clinicians at any point of their professional careers including young doctors on their way to become GPs, researchers, teachers, and administrators. This means that the professional content of the congresses should be wide-ranging and involve:
    • Clinical updates on best practice (e.g. clinical symposia focusing on relevant evidence regarding specific medical conditions).
    • Presentation of recent and ongoing research in primary healthcare (e.g. free-standing paper, research-oriented symposia presenting empirical research as well as theory development).
    • Opportunities for critical reflection regarding the current status and future development of the discipline (e.g. by way of cutting-edge plenary sessions and symposia).
    • Opportunities to discuss issues concerning educational programmes and research activities for young doctors in primary healthcare.
  • To draw attention to the messages from the congresses:
    • To encourage relevant congress contributors (such as keynote speakers and presenters of original debate papers) to submit their contributions to the Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care (e.g. in the education and debate section) or other relevant journals.
    • To facilitate contact between congress contributors and local/national mass media etc. local/national mass media, etc. (systematic public relation strategy, press releases, etc.).
  • To maintain a high standard regarding practical arrangements such as announcements, information content (home pages, etc.). 
  • To create an enjoyable, generous and rewarding social arena facilitating genuine personal contact and networking among congress participants.
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