Nordic congresses in the nearest future

The Nordic Congresses of General Practice have, almost without any exception, since 1979, been held biannually, hosted in a rotating order between the Nordic Countries in the following order, as shown on our homepage:

Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Iceland

The time of the year is usually in June or August with few exceptions. NFGP is in favor of this routine. Accordingly, the upcoming congresses the next decade will be arranged in the following order (agreed upon by the NFGP Executive Board): 

No. Year Host country Town Time of the year

23   2024 Finland          Turku             11-14 June

24   2026 Sweden         Jönköping     26-29 May

25   2028 Iceland           Reykjavik      14-16 June

26   2030 Denmark

27   2032 Norway 

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Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland:

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