The main mission of the Journal

To publish original, peer-reviewed research on topics related to general practice and primary care. We also publish editorials, discussion papers and reviews to facilitate continuing professional development in family medicine.

Publication fees

Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care is an open access journal making academic research in primary care freely available online for research and clinical communities.

Publication in the SJPHC requires payment of a fee. The standard article publishing charge is EUR 1,595 for 2023. For shorter articles accepted for publication (such as Discussion, Analysis Papers and Short Papers) for non-members, there will be a publication fee of EUR 820.

If the first author of an article is a fully accredited member of one of the Nordic societies for general practice (Dansk Selskab for Almen Medicin, Félag islenska heimilislækna, Norsk forening for allmenmedisin, Suomen yleislääketieteen yhdistys SYLY or Svensk Förening för allmänmedicin), they will be eligible to receive a 30% discount to the article processing charge for publishing their work (this is EUR 1,117 for 2023 for research articles). 

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Impact Factor for 2022 is 2.1 

Editorial office

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