Nordic Federation of General practice ApS (NFGP)

In the objects clause for NFGP ApS is stated:

§ 2 The company’s objective

Article 1
The Company’s objective is to work to promote general practitioners’ role in primary health care in the five Nordic countries, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Denmark.

Article 2
The Company shall primarily ensure the publication of the scientific journal Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care.

Article 3
The Company shall in addition be in charge of holding Nordic congresses on general practice.

Article 4
The Company can to further the objective – after Board of Executive decision/agreement - initiate other activities, e.g. publishing of other journals, books and periodicals/publications, undertaking training courses, holding congresses etc.

Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care (SJPHC)

SJPHC is owned by the Nordic colleges jointly through the former partnership SJPHC/ApS now NFGP/ApS. The objective is hereby to ensure that Nordic researchers in general practice have the possibility of publishing in an indexed Nordic scientific journal. SJPHC is published exclusively in English.

SJPHC is financed through a collective membership in the Nordic colleges. There is minor revenue through subscriptions from institutes and from advertising. The subscription expenses are a considerable strain on the colleges’ budgets, which increases the risk of the individual colleges being forced to cancel the collective subscription, whereby the financial foundation would disappear.

Nordic congress in general practice

The responsibility and the economy for the Nordic congresses lies with the organizing country alone, but the arrangement regarding host town, timing, venue and content is in cooperation with NFGP.

The Nordic congresses have been held since 1979 every second year. The congress language is English.

The Nordic colleges of general practitioners take it in turns to be in charge of organizing the congresses and for the financial side.

The aim is to secure a platform for Nordic research in general practice, but in recent years education, postgraduate training and quality development have increasingly put their stamp on/characterized these congresses, just as they have become a meeting venue for various interest groups.


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