The national colleges have full responsibility for and complete influence on the economics of the congresses. The federation will neither guarantee financially for the congresses nor have any claim in the potential profit. Consequently, the congresses and the journal will be financially independent activities.

  • The organization of NFGP ApS includes that a certain amount of the congress fee for the Nordic congresses should be allocated to NFGP ApS. This is meant to cover administration activities and the cost for the participation of five members in the congress committee in the annual meeting of the federation.

  • The board of the federation will decide on the size of the fee at their annual meeting as part of the budget preparation for the following year. The colleges have thereby full influence on the size of the money transfer from the congress to the federation.

  • The economy of SJPHC is unaltered, without risk of being "hazarded" in a financial involvement in the Nordic congresses.

  • There should be a collaboration with the research environments about the congresses, so these should be involved.

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