Description of members, tasks and competencies as well as economy for:

Ownership - NFGP ApS


NFGP is a private limited company (ApS) owned by the five Nordic colleges of general practitioners, who each own 25 parts of DKK 1000.


  • To appoint board of executives, who generally should be the chairmen of Nordic colleges in question.
  • To approve national editors for the SJPHC.
  • To appoint national members of the Nordic congress' steering committe and chairman.

The colleges are financially liable for the running of NFGP ApS. Grants for running expenses, if any, are calculated proportionally based on the number of practicing general practitioners in each country.
NFGP gets royalty from the Publisher.

Board of Executives of NFGP ApS


The chairmen of the five Nordic colleges or their deputy chairmen.


  • Make sure that the protocol for the Nordic congress is being drawn up.
  • Maintain the board functions for NFGP ApS, including two board meetings and one annual general meeting.
  • NFGP ApS has an academic director attached.
  • Determine congress fee, if any, to NFGP ApS to cover the expenses of administration of Nordic congresses (requires unanimous approval of the boards of the colleges).
  • Ensure that the colleges become obligated to - in turns - to publish in the Journal what activities are going on in the individual countries. This should be done in cooperation with the national editors.

Income in the form of royalty from SJPHC/collective subscription and congress fee.
Travel and meeting expenses in connection with board meetings to be paid/reimbursed by NFGP ApS.
Expenses to chairman, secretary or others in connection with tasks requested by the Board shall be paid by NFGP ApS.

Nordic Chairmen's meeting

The chairmen of the five Nordic colleges or their deputies.

At the annual meeting in NFGP to discuss matters of mutual interest, including WONCA and other international organizations.

Meeting expenses to be paid by NFGP ApS.

Editorial Board of SJPHC


Editor-in-Chief, editorial secretary and national editors.


  • Editing and development of SJPHC in cooperation with the Publisher.
  • Ensure that the congresses and SJPHC have high common Nordic professional standards and profile.
  • To establish a professionally fruitful collaboration between SJPHC and the Nordic Congresses.

The Editor-in Chief receives an annual remuneration. The editorial secretary is a paid employee financed by NFGP ApS.
National editors do not receive a salary from NFGP ApS.
Travel and meeting expenses for national editors in connection with the annual editorial meeting in Copenhagen to be paid/reimbursed by NFGP ApS

Congress committee

Nordic Congress Committee (NCC) is a subcommittee of Nordic Federation of General Practice (NFGP), and works according to the By-laws of NFGP, and according to the guidelines for hosting the Nordic congresses.

National members are appointed by the national colleges. Two persons are appointed by the upcoming host country (one as chair of the organizing committee and one as chair of the scientific committee). Other colleges appoint one member each.

The chair of the organizing upcoming national congress is also chair of the Nordic Congress Committee.


  • Support with proposals and ideas for the Nordic congresses, including:
    • Schedule for upcoming host countries, and time of year.
    • Host city, international, national and local transport.
    • Venue facilities.
    • Participation fees, including fees for members of Nordic Young General Practitioners (NYGP).
    • Discuss and propose common guidelines for sponsorship of the congresses.
    • Discuss the main themes of the upcoming congress, fields of interest within the Nordic countries and ensuring the continuity from congress to congress.
  • Encourage and work for a high participation number in the individual Nordic countries.
  • Obtain a logistic experience of Nordic congresses to be passed on to the congress host
  • Strengthen the colleges' joint responsibility for the running of Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care (SJPHC), and the organization of and participation in Nordic congresses.
  • Ensure that the congresses and SJPHC have high common Nordic professional standards and profile.
  • Establish a professionally fruitful collaboration between SJPHC and Nordic congresses.

Travel and meeting expenses for the national members (according to number mentioned above) in connection with the annual general meeting in NFGP ApS is to be paid by NFGP. The national members are unsalaried.

Accepted by the NFGP board 24th March, 2023

General meeting

Everybody participating in the annual meeting of NFGP ApS (see the above).

Is the ultimate decision-making authority for NFGP ApS.

Meeting expenses to be paid by NFGP ApS.

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