Nordic General Practice/ Nordic Federation of General Practice

Seen from a global perspective, Nordic general practice stands on rather unique ideological grounds: an ambitious social contract characterized by uniform public funding, solidarity, and equitable distribution of services. Based on the welfare state, the Nordic primary health care system is a national treasure. It can also be a gateway to a global treasure.


To promote general practice/family medicine which:

- is salutogenic and sustainable, carefully balancing biomedical and humanistic approaches to health, illness and disease.
- is based on moral intent, solidarity, commitment to equity, and person-focused care.
- is based on the best available professional knowledge and evidence.
- is directed towards both individuals and the general population.
- minimises unwarranted medicalization, under- and overdiagnosis, overtreatment, polypharmacy, and risk labelling associated with interventions of disputable benefit.


  • Facilitate professional development and research in and on general practice and on the premises of general practice.
  • Stimulate publishing of original research and innovative analyses in peer-reviewed scientific journals relevant to general practice.
  • Run the Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care
  • Run the bi-annual Nordic Congresses of General Practice
  • Promote NFGP at the World Organisation of Family Doctors (Wonca), especially Wonca Europe.
  • Facilitate active participation of our Nordic colleges in national as well as international networks on research (i.e. EGPRN); quality of care (i.e. EQuiP), rural medicine (i.e. Euripa), professional development and teaching (i.e., EURACT), preventive medicine and overdiagnosis (i.e. EUROPREV), and arenas for young doctors interested in general practice (i.e., Vasco da Gama Movement).
  • Encourage active participation in other congresses and meetings relevant to the Federation’s vision and mission.
  • Stimulate the creation of enjoyable and rewarding professional and social arenas characterized by personal relationship building, support and networking among general practitioners at all career stages (from students, young doctors i.e. NYGP, to seniors) and relevant co-workers and co-thinkers.
  • Promote generalist leaders; clinical, organisational, and political/societal.

The Legacy Behind the “Vision and Mission of General Practice/Family Medicine” in Europe  


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