WHO considers primary health care to be a cornerstone of sustainable health care systems. General Practice/Family Medicine is the key provider of primary health care.

WONCA Europe has defined General Practice/Family Medicine as both a clinical specialty and a discipline in its own right, with its own distinct curriculum and research base.

As an academic discipline, General Practice/Family Medicine is based on knowledge and methodology drawn from the Natural Sciences as well as the Humanities.

As committed leaders in the ongoing process of defining and implementing core values and principles, General Practitioners aim to:

- promote and protect the health and well-being of each individual patient while keeping in mind the needs of the general population;

- provide a frame of reference for our professional identity;

- provide a basis for continuing professional development, with curricula and training adapted to every educational level – undergraduate, post-graduate, and beyond;

- communicate our mandate and the principles of our work to patients, fellow healthcare workers, and the communities we serve.

Reviced October 3rd 2020

Published online in Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care, December 2020:

Our Core Values will endure

Declaration: Core Values and Principles of Nordic General Practice/Family Medicine /NFGP

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  Core Values and Principles of Nordic General Practice/Family Medicine    


 We promote continuity of doctor-patient relationships as a central organising principle.


 We provide timely diagnosis and avoid unnecessary tests and overtreatment.
 Disease prevention and health promotion are integrated into our daily activities.


 We prioritise those whose needs for healthcare are greatest.


 We practice person-centred medicine, emphasising dialogue, context, and
 the best evidence available.


 We remain committed to education, research, and quality development.


 We recognise that social strain, deprivation, and traumatic experiences increase
 people’s susceptibility to disease, and we speak out on relevant issues.


 We collaborate across professions and disciplines while also taking care not to
 blur the lines of responsibility.




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