The annual WONCA Europe Conference 2016 took place at Bella Center, Copenhagen from 15 to 18 June, with the conference theme “Family Doctors with Heads and Hearts”.

The WONCA Europe Conference 2016 was jointly organised by NFGP and became a great success in every aspect. With 3,200 participants from 72 countries, almost 1,400 presented abstracts and excellent feedback from the participants, the five Nordic host countries can be proud of their work. 

NFGP’s bid for the Wonca Europe Conference in Copenhagen was accepted by the European Council meeting during the 17th Wonca Europe Conference in Vienna in 2012, and four years of intensive work began.

Professor Peter Vedsted, President of the Scientific Committee, and the scientific committee members from the five Nordic countries did an excellent job, and the participants could enjoy seven superb key notes and high quality presentations. 220 sessions took place in 23 rooms; 7 keynote lectures, 270 oral presentations, 97 workshops, 106 symposiums, and 270 one-slide-5-minutes presentations and 622 classic posters were presented.

"One-slide-5 minutes” and skills lab were introduced in Copenhagen for the first time, and both new inventions became very popular. Around 350 doctors signed up for practice visits and met colleagues in 34 practices in Copenhagen. 

Memorable are also the social programme with "The Tivoli Youth Guard" and the fantastic "Presidents’ Band" at the opening ceremony, WONCA-RUN Friday morning in collaboration with Danish Red Cross, and our Dine and Dance party with 700 participants Friday evening with a very pleasant atmosphere, nice dinner and great entertainment and music. 

A few highlights from WONCA Europe 2016 in Copenhagen;

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