The Nordic prize "Magda and Svend Aages Frederiechs mindelegat" of DKK 100.000,- is awarded every second year at the Nordic Congress.
The prize is given to promote research in general practice and is
awarded both in recognition of work performed and in anticipation of further.

In 1983 two general practitioners received the first portion of this memorial scholarship. Read more about the award, the Frederiechs and why they wanted to support research in general practice (the article will soon be translated to English) - click here.

The last winner of the prize was associatede MD, Ph.D.Linn Getz from Trondheim Norway/Reykjavik Iceland. Read more about Linn Getz and her research - click here 


Previous Frederichs mindelegat winners:

Year Name Country

Elise Kosunen
Elise Kosunen 2013

Linn Getz 
Linn Getz, Norway, 2011


Irene Hetlevik 
Irene Hetlevik, Norway, 2009

2013 Elise Kosunen Finland
2011 Linn Getz Norway
2009 Irene Hetlevik Norway
2007 Marjukka Mäkelä Finland
2005 Hanne Hollnagel Denmark
2003 Anders Håkannson Sweden
2001 Steiner Hunskår Norway
1999 Sirkka-Liisa Kivalä Finland
1996 Kirsti Malterud Norway
1994 Johann Sigurdsson Iceland
1993 Carl Edvard Rudebeck Sweden
1991 Carl Erik Mabeck Denmark
1989 Dag Bruusgaard Norway
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